THE ATLAS MOTH – Complete Work On New Album

Chicago-based quintet THE ATLAS MOTH have completed work on their milestone new album, their third full-length entitled “The Old Believer”.

What will be recognized as the band’s most triumphant statement of their musical career, “The Old Believer” sees THE ATLAS MOTH create a gloriously transcendent and sonically powerful masterwork that will single them out and define them even more as one of the most important bands in America’s heavy music scene today.  Through the trials and tribulations that have befallen members of the band during the creation of “The Old Believer”, the new ATLAS MOTH album also comes across as the band’s most personal and emotionally surging album to date, making the experience of “The Old Believer” that much more powerful.


Once again produced and engineered by guitarist/keyboardist Andrew Ragin at Chicago’s Wall-To-Wall Studios, and mixed and mastered by Kyle Spence of Harvey Milk/Kurt Vile (in cooperation with Ragin) in Athens Georgia, “The Old Believer” features guest appearances by Gojira vocalist Joe Duplantier, as well as guest appearances from SUBROSA violinists Kim Pack and Sarah Pendleton, Bruce Lamont of YAKUZA, and Marcus Eliopulos (Stabbing Westward).  The art and design for “The Old Believer” was created by Ryan Clark of Invisible Creature and features a water-reveal stock on the CD’s cover insert where once immersed in water, more art becomes revealed.

Tracklisting for “The Old Believer” goes as follows:

1. Jet Black Passenger
2. Collider
3. The Sea Beyond
4. Halcyon Blvd
5. Sacred Vine
6. The Old Believer
7. City Of Light
8. Wynona
9. Hesperian
10. Blood Will Tell

“The Old Believer” gets released officially on June 10th, 2014.


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