CAINA – “Hands That Pluck” Now Available To Order

The new, and final, CAINA album “Hands That Pluck” is now available to order.  Presented as a two-CD set, the second disc being a 55-minute bonus EP entitled “Old Songs, New Chords” which showcases a re-working of several CAINA classics vs. their remastered original versions (along with a Nico cover).  Priced as a single CD go to our STORE section to pick up what is the most ambitious and progressive CAINA album ever.

CAINA – “Hands That Pluck” Album Announcement

Seminal UK raw black/post metal act CAINA have completed work on their most ambitious, epic, visceral, surreal, and dreamy album to date, “Hands That Pluck”.

In what Stereogum has deemed the best CAINA album to date in their “Hands That Pluck” preview HERE, “Hands That Pluck” is a sprawling, vast, sky bleeding opus that literally culminates all of the influences that CAINA sole proprietor Andrew Curtis-Brignell has build up within his vast musical repertoire.  By not only presenting some of the most aggressive and stripped down CAINA material to date, “Hands That Pluck” also presents some of the…


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