YOB – The Great Cessation

"Will we ever see a time when it's enough?"

After the many trials and tribulations YOB mastermind Mike Scheidt had to endure concerning his previous pre-resurrected YOB band (in which we cannot utter their name), it was natural that Scheidt (along with longtime YOB drummer Travis Foster and new bass player Aaron Reiseberg) would inevitably pen the heaviest, darkest, and most oppressive sounding YOB album to date.

Recorded and produced by Sanford Parker, “The Great Cessation” also sees YOB deliver their most varied sounding album. With the behemoth-like monolithically paced traditional cosmic doom sounds that have helped define YOB’s sound over the years (along with the band’s tendencies to write songs that average ten minutes in length) which continue to resonate on “The Great Cessation”, YOB also incorporate new elements that give “The Great Cessation” a pummeling energetic vibe like no other YOB album, while at the same time delivering even more plunging abysmal dirge-like masterworks that go so far as to even render moments on “The Great Cessation” as blasphemous (as in the track “Silence Of Heaven”). In true YOB tradition, the album ends with the moving and emotionally draining 20-minute title track which ends the album in that surging victorious moment; in the most epic of moments.
Tracklisting for “The Great Cessation” goes as follows:
1. Burning The Altar
2. The Lie That Is Sin
3. Silence Of Heaven
4. Breathing From The Shallows
5. The Great Cessation

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