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“In a perfect world, YAKUZA would be bigger than Opeth” – Self-Titled Magazine

Get a glimpse into the making of “Of Seismic Consequence” by checking  out the promotional trailer for the new album HERE.

In what is already being praised as the band’s best album to date (as noted in the latest issue of Decibel magazine), especially considering it’s quite a feat in itself to top YAKUZA’s last two albums, “Samsara” and “Transmutations” respectively (said two albums building YAKUZA’s reputation as one of the most unique and creative bands in metal today), with “Of Seismic Consequence”, YAKUZA have taken a slightly different approach to their already distinct style of eclectic songwriting. An approach that is much darker, brooding, heavier, more primal, and ultimately rawer than ever before. This of course is highlighted with vocalist/saxophonist Bruce Lamont’s use of his clean vocals which become one of the more dominant factors on “Of Seismic Consequence” along with the heightened use of melody and elegance which only strengthens the vibe that reflects the dark night of the soul. When YAKUZA go for the throat with their all-encompassing heaviness, it becomes unrelenting, bringing YAKUZA’s sound even closer to that really dark enveloping realm.

Recorded by Sanford Parker between two studios (Electrical Audio and Semaphore) and presented in a very nicely designed six-panel digipack, tracklisting for “Of Seismic Consequence” goes as follows:

1. The Ant People
2. Thinning The Herd
3. Stones And Bones
4. Be That As It May
5. Farewell To The Flesh
6. Testing The Waters
7. Good Riddance (The Knuckle Walkers)
8. The Great War
9. Deluge

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