One man black metal acts are nothing new really, especially new ones as the underground has spawned an entire army of these things. Although once in a while a few new acts do tend to surface that indeed do set their own tone and standard astray from the vast majority. Spawned a few years ago solely by J., Buffalo NY’s WRATH OF THE WEAK is an interesting take on raw hypnotic repetitive underground lo-fi black metal...

Already with the act’s self-titled debut released early 2007 by noise label Bastardized, WRATH OF THE WEAK do purport some of the many familiar traits possessed within the paradigm of underground raw primitive lo-fi black metal. But of course do tend to take these certain tendencies to the utter extreme.

Through waves of layered distorted guitars that emit unrelenting ambience through feedback and surreal overtones filtered through an open vast sound picture, through unforgiving repetition and vicious melody to embody a vision of uncompromising hypnosis, WRATH OF THE WEAK can be analogized in this kind of scenario: WEAKLING and ILDJARN tearing away and trying to cannibalize each other in the desert while somewhere on the sidelines, VELVET CACOON observe pretentiously stroking their chins... or some shit like that...

“Alogon”, the WRATH OF THE WEAK sophomore release on Profound Lore Records is a noisy, loud, repetitive, hypnotic, obsessive, unforgiving, and powerful work of raw ambient black metal art that will make an exceptional reflecting observation within the genre.

“Alogon” Tracklisting

Chapter I: A leap of faith ends when you crash into the ground
Chapter II: Using self-destruction in the pursuit of a better life
Chapter III: What we learn from spending 120 hours in a downpour
Chapter IV: When one side of the mirror diverges from the other
Chapter V: Angels with forked tongues and the gifts they bear
Chapter VI: Light streaming in through the cracks in the door
Epilogue: The journey toward non-existence, in slow-motion

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