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"We are the torch bearers..." 

Following up their “Black Marketeers Of WWIII” debut and simply leveling anything previous within their repertoire, “The Obsidian Plains” sees this American pillage machine take their musical pedigree to a whole new level. With several shifts in the line-up for the band’s benefit (the band now ranks ex-Nachtmystium guitarist Jeff Wilson), the final result that has become “The Obsidian Plains” (once again produced by Sanford Parker) is a hateful vision fueled by an indulgence within a world of destruction, blasphemy, decadence, drug and alcohol abuse, misanthropy, occultism, and pure fucking nihilism.

Being the kind of album which one would feel the elation and ultimately the need to pillage, defile, and ultimately desecrate the nearest ground of all that is holy and pastoral, tracklisting for “The Obsidian Plains” goes as follows:

1. The Gleaming
2. Writhe
3. Bones Of The Pious
4. Ghosts In The Water
5. Shadowhorn
6. A Defined Aesthetic
7. The Sentinels

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