WOLD – Stratification

The new, elite, and most extreme album by Canada’s most notorious and bizarre black metal entity, namely WOLD, is now available.

Nonetheless, “Stratification” is the Wold clan’s most unconventional recording to date. Even more bizarre and surreal than its predecessors, “Stratification’s” mission statement is pretty much symmetrically crystal clear; to worship and adhere to the wrath of winter.

Like an unforgiving maelstrom of harsh sonic buzzsaw-like waves, through violent claustrophobic audial flurry, listening to “Stratification” is akin to being caught in an unrelenting crystallizing snow storm while wandering, and totally lost on a desolate and vast glimmering Saskatchewan prairie.

Blinding and wailing, the uncompromising nature of “Stratification”, presented in a graciously designed 8-panel digipack, is a noise-filled spectrum of terror, all while presenting some of the most artful, elegant, and thought-provoking poetry that Wold have ever crafted; it is through vocalist Fortress Crookedjaw’s lyrics in which gives balance to “Stratification’s” violent yet elegant nature.

He says: "Stratification is the voice of Wold's domination. We dominate in an authentic way, like hunger and sex. This is our strongest and most strict release. Obey and I feel satisfied as warriors and artists; we are truly triumphant. It is natural. It is right. With this album it seems that Wold have nothing to prove. It's like on LOTMP and even more so with Screech Owl we were still in the process of invading the village; and now that we've established power, we are, through our power and will, able to create a sublime winter world under a blanket of white noise on a frantic sleigh ride.”

Tracklisting for “Stratification” goes as follows:

1. Stratification
2. Sleigh Ride
3. White Winter Wanderer
4. Frost Crystal Symmetry
5. Nine Paths
6. Nine Creeks
7. Wintertime
8. The Frozen Field
9. Auld Tree

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