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"Just promise me at the last second... You'll reach down and pull me out."

What is easily and by far the band’s most accomplished work to date, the Chicago psychedelic sludge/progressive metal quintet have delivered an album where the three-pronged guitar/dual vocal machine have deployed a stronger focus on their songwriting and delivering nine solid hard-hitting, pummeling, catchy yet moving and atmospherically lush songs that comprise the observation known as “An Ache For The Distance”. Production wise, the band have also stepped it up in this department likewise, delivering a more professional and grand sounding album, one produced by the band’s guitarist/keyboardist Andrew Ragin along with the monstrous mastering job provided by James Murphy.

With the band setting the mark with their “A Glorified Piece Of Blue Sky” debut, and already having done a plethora of touring alongside the likes of such bands as Helmet, Crowbar, Eyehategod, Coalesce, St. Vitus, Kylesa, Nachtmystium, Harvey Milk etc. the band will be likewise hitting the road hard for “An Ache For The Distance”, to bring you one of the most accomplished albums of 2011 on the live front.

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