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"All great truths begin as blasphemies" - George Bernard Shaw

Known as one of the most unique and creative bands that have dwelled within the death metal underground since the Australian horde’s inception almost 20 years ago, STARGAZER’s brand of complex esoteric death metal is unlike anything out there, a bizarre entity that create magik through intricately woven musical chaos.

Almost like a summoning that conjures a mix of Coroner’s “Mental Vortex”, Atheist’s “Unquestionable Presence”, and Morbid Angel’s “Blessed Are The Sick”. over the many years that STARGAZER have been a force, the band have amassed quite the reputable cult following through their demos, the many splits and EP’s they’ve released (“A Great Work Of Ages” is technically their second full-length album). STARGAZER are a band who pretty much attract death/black/extreme metal fans who are looking to indulge in bands that like to push the envelope even further within the genre. Hence STARGAZER is a band within death metal that, along with their fellow countrymen Portal, are tearing boundaries within the genre, expanding what it has to offer and destroying all limitations and conceived perceptions on death metal as a whole. Nonetheless, STARGAZER are a band who embody an aesthetic that emanates an air of sophistication through sheer and utter chaos.

Tracklisting for “A Great Work Of Ages” goes as follows:

1. Red Antlered Radiant
2. Passing Stone - Into The Greater Sun
3. Pypes of Psychosomatis
4. Refractive Convex Continuum
5. Chase For The Serpentsong
6.The Morbid Slither, The Sinner Slough
7. Hue-Man-King
8. Formless Face of the Timeless Faceless

Stargazer are:
The Serpent Inquisitor (Guitars/Vocals)
The Great Righteous Destroyer (Bass/Vocals)
Selenium (Drums)

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