SALOME – Terminal

"We tried... we failed..."

What is easily one of the most punishing time-stretching doom metal albums of the year, “Terminal” is an album which treads the fine line of doom metal minimalism and expansiveness simultaneously. Where an introverted claustrophobic and very stripped-down plodding assault on the senses is complimented with a vast and open sound picture, “Terminal” is an album that provides that glimpse into an apocalyptic cleansing, where downfall, destruction, rebirth, and resurrection all become imminent. Such a scenario was captured by the amplifier abuse of guitarist Rob Moore, the thunderous ritualistic doom-hammers of Aaron Deal, and the intense guttural flesh tearing vocals of Kat. A scenario that separates SALOME as one of the most distinct and intense extreme doom metal acts today.

Packaged in a gorgeous six-panel wallet digipack comprised of haunting yet very minimalistic artwork (along with featuring artwork by Fade Kainer) tracklisting for “Terminal” goes as follows:

1) The Message
2) Terminal
3) Master Failure
4) Epidemic
5) An Accident Of History
6) The Witness
7) The Unbelievers

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