PULSEFEAR – Perichoresis

Before the birth of the UK’s most intimidating industrial black metal entity, namely THE AXIS OF PERDITION, the duo of Brooke Johnson and Michael Blenkarn were already scourging up nightmarish sounds of pulverizing, dark and foreboding ambiance under the guise of PULSEFEAR...

Now serving as the alter-ego of The Axis Of Perdition (just like Tribes Of Neurot are to Neurosis), where the sounds that Pulsefear were generating in their lair would inevitably lay the foundations down to what The Axis Of Perdition would become, Profound Lore are proud to unleash the nightmare that was first conjured up in 2000 and continued to brood up until 2006. Characteristically, Pulsefear and The Axis Of Perdition of course do share similar aesthetics, even though both entities purvey different expressions in their audial interpretations of sheer utter horror. With “Perichoresis”, Pulsefear unveil sounds of rust and decay while summoning a foreboding evil ready to unearth itself from the cracks of the run down walls, hallways, and desolate roads and alleyways of a town that has become so decrepit and ghostly from the ensuing engulfing darkness that has consumed it to no end. As “Perichoresis” progresses through it’s journey, the dormant monster that hovers throughout begins to become revealed more and more, just like the derelict, inexplicably functioning lighthouse in the abandoned seaport reveals the town to be a little more dilapidated and horrific by each slow revolution of the beam.

Limited, and specially priced, “Perichoresis” also features stunning photography and imagery courtesy of urban photographer and explorer Melanie Rhys (www.urbandecay.org.uk) and will most-likely appeal to fans of the glory days of the Cold Meat Industry era via such acts as RAISON D’ETRE, IN SLAUGHTER NATIVES etc. along with such bands as SUNN 0))), NADJA, and LUSTMORD.

The tracklisting for the 50-plus minute journey that defines “Perichoresis” goes as following:

1. Gauze
2. Lighthouse Pt I
3. Docks
4. Lighthouse Pt II
5. Under

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