PORTAL – Vexovoid

“Xeno Custodial Morphons Unfold…”

True death metal horror once again unleashed, Australia’s surrealist death metal enigmas PORTAL emerge with their most dense-sounding opus to date. “Vexovoid” takes the singular sound PORTAL defined with their inception over 15 years ago and once again takes the death metal paradigm, tears it inside-out and inverts it to create a twisted sonic amalgam of your worst nightmare manifested.

A vision of pure dread, psychosis, and dementia framed and projected from carrion flesh celluloid upon the feeble mortal coil.

Featuring artwork by none other than Rev. Kriss Hades, followed by its awesome packaging likewise, tracklisting for “Vexovoid” goes as follows:

1. Kilter
2. The Back Wards
3. Curtain
4. Plasm
5. Awryeon
6. Orbmorphia
7. Oblotten

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