PORTAL – Outre


A much more oppressive, ambient, and atmospheric plunge into the vortex than its predecessor “Seepia”, “Outre” is a much more disturbing and surreal scenario painted within a nightmarish vision like no other death metal band today can even dream (if they even dare to) to conjure up.

What will alienate Portal that much more from today’s death metal scene, “Outre” truly captures the pure essence of the universe turning onto itself. It is an album drenched in raw other-worldly mire, unforgiving surrealism, and pure unbridled horror. Through waves of vortex-like guitars, methodically paced war-hammer execution, looming bass pulsations, and the subterranean vocal dictatorship of The Curator, “Outre” is essentially the soundtrack to a fisting orgy hosted by Yog-Sothoth. True death manifested.

Tracklisting for “Outre” goes as follows:

1. Moil
2. Abysmill
3. Heirships
4. Omnipotent Crawling Chaos
5. Black Houses
6. Outre
7. Thirteen Globes
8. Sourlows
Listen to the album here

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