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“My rotten body was ripe and unfolded.  To be a receiver of form.  To be filled with your ethereal blood and make it grow.”

Marking the band’s fourth release, “Alight In Ashes” is essentially the culmination of the band’s music oeuvre and experience, climaxing in a result that is easily MENACE RUINE’s best album to date. By musically defining itself as a triumphant amalgamation of martial ambient, industrial, noise, neo-folk, and black metal, “Alight In Ashes”, an album which harks back to the vibe and feeling of the band’s second release “The Die Is Cast”, where more of an emphasis is placed on the structure of melody and rhythm. But taken that much further with “Alight In Ashes”, the album which showcases MENACE RUINE at the height of their powers; almost like a deadly fuse between Nico, Burzum, A Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud, and Merzbow.

Presented in a gorgeously designed and constructed digipack, tracklisting for “Alight In Ashes” goes as follows:

1. Set Water To Flames
2. Salamandra
3. Burnt Offerings
4. Arsenikon (Faded In Discord)
5. Disease Of Fear
6. Cup Of Oblivion

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