LUDICRA – The Tenant

“The Tenant” is a reflection and progression of all that LUDICRA have brought to the fore with their three previous and wondrous works in which said result culminates in LUDICRA’s most epic, progressive, and accomplished release to date.

By combining influences that seamlessly work their way into LUDICRA’s musical blueprint, influences in which reference the likes of the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal, traditional and classic heavy metal, punk, progressive, and neo-folk, LUDICRA have always held a firm balance within their sound that borders on the threshold of ugly and beautiful. “The Tenant” nonetheless is the sonic depiction (and product) of the harsh and seedy underbelly that the band members dwell and roam within, one in which the struggle for everyday survival is a harsh reality within the confines of the dark damp corners of The Bay Area. Hence it’s only fitting that "The Tenant" conveys such themes of urban survival in the band's natural habitat and environment. It’s almost akin in a way, how Wim Wenders paid homage to the city of Berlin through his film Wings Of Desire, or how Martin Scorsese gave his ode to the dark recesses of New York through such films as Mean Streets and Taxi Driver, it is through “The Tenant” that LUDICRA deliver their musical homage and ode to The Bay Area, told through their eyes.

Presented in a specially and exquisitely designed and embossed digipack (designed by bassist Ross Sewage), tracklisting for “The Tenant” goes as follows:

1. Stagnant Pond
2. A Larger Silence
3. In Stable
4. The Undercaste
5. Clean White Void
6. Truth Won’t Set You Free
7. The Tenant

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