LOSS – Despond

“If I never wake up… I only pray that my silence will be put to rest.”

In what has seemed like an eternity to finally manifest, after years of struggle, suffering, and torment, “Despond” is the culmination from a band driven by depression, anxiety, illness, despair, fear, and pain. “Despond” is an album that will serve as the soundtrack to a funeral march towards ruin, decay, and utter oblivion.

One of the most negative, somber, yet moving and emotionally draining funeral/death doom metal albums of any era, “Despond” is a testament, a musical epoch that will force you to confront what will inevitably await upon the doomed horizon.

Featuring four unique interludes created by each member of LOSS that seam the entire discourse of “Despond” together, tracklisting for “Despond” go as follows:

1. Weathering The Blight
2. Open Veins To A Curtain Closed
3. Cut Up, Depressed And Alone
4. Deprived Of The Void
5. An Ill Body Seats My Sinking Sight
6. Despond
7. Shallow Pulse
8. Conceptual Funeralism Unto The Final Act (Of Being)
9. Silent And Completely Overcome (feat. guest vocals from Brett Campbell of PALLBEARER)
10. The Irreparable Act

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