KEN mode – Venerable

"But how effective can half mast truly be?"

Easily delivering their most crushing and devastating release in their ten-plus year career, “Venerable” will serve as mere proof that KEN MODE are one of the most prominent and elite acts within the landscape of today’s hardcore/noiserock crossover scene. Considering that “Venerable” will solidify KEN MODE as Canada’s premiere and most important hardcore band today, “Venerable” will also be the album in which will create more awareness for the Canadian trio, and allow KEN MODE to get the recognition they deserve. This will be proven, not only with the pillaging material on "Venerable" (captured, recorded, and produced by Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou), but also with KEN MODE’s unrelenting and jaw dropping live show in which the band are pretty much gonna glorify all year round during endless tour jaunts.

We recently read if Voivod and Cursed had kids and they formed a noiserock band, that KEN MODE would be it and basically we’ve always assessed that KEN MODE could very well be one of the bands within Canada today that are qualified to help carry on a band like Voivod and Cursed's legacy. Just imagine this scenario: Voivod, Cursed, Unsane, and The Jesus Lizard had a fisting orgy. And that's some idea what "Venerable" will offer. But along with such other elements as post rock/metal and even a touch of sludge and a bit of doom, KEN MODE’s sound canvas is as diverse and colourful as it is punishing and destructive.

Packaged in a gorgeously designed 6-panel digipack and featuring artwork courtesy of Julie Anne Mann and Josh Graham (A Storm Of Light/Neurosis/Soundgarden/Shrinebuilder etc.), tracklisting for “Venerable” goes as follows:

1. The Book Of Muscle
2. Obeying The Iron Will
3. Batholith
4. The Irate Lumberjack
5. A Wicked Pike
6. Flight Of The Echo Hawk
7. Never Was
8. The Ugliest Happy You’ve Ever Seen
9. Terrify The Animals
10. Mako Shark

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