GRAYCEON – All We Destroy

“And sheath your blade, here you’re whole and saved…”

GRAYCEON’s third album, “All We Destroy”, is the album the eclectic Bay Area trio have been threatening to make since their inception.

Comprised of cello (Jackie Perez Gratz), guitars (Max Doyle), drums (Zack Farwell), and vocals (Perez Gratz and Doyle), GRAYCEON are a band unlike anything that has been procured in heavy music. Known to create elongated time-stretching odes by combining progressive metal, neo-classical/chamber music, and down-tuned baroque-esque sludge doom, “All We Destroy” is already being heralded as the band’s masterpiece. Heavier, more ferocious, yet more elegant and beautiful, “All We Destroy” is the musical soundtrack to a frantic journey filled with tales of deceit, revenge, and broken hearts, all weaved through the scope of modern-day tragedy.

A quick background check on the accomplished musicians that comprise GRAYCEON:

- Jackie Perez Gratz is also the vocalist and cellist for aquatic doom metal outfit GIANT SQUID and was once a part of chamber neo-classical masters AMBER ASYLUM. She has also has served as the recording cellist for such bands as NEUROSIS, CATTLE DECAPITATION, OM, TODAY IS THE DAY, and most recently appeared and composed all the cello parts featured on the latest AGALLOCH album “Marrow Of The Spirit”

- Max Doyle and Zack Farwell are also members of one of the most underrated thrash bands in the U.S. today, namely the VOIVOD-influenced band WALKEN. Come to think of it, WALKEN are pretty much the only thrash band we like today.

Tracklisting for “All We Destroy” goes as follows:

1. Dreamer Deceived
2. Shellmounds
3. We Can
4. Once A Shadow
5. A Road Less Traveled
6. War’s End

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