EVOKEN – Atra Mors

“They shall call me the ‘Great Morality’; a stain upon time.”

The band’s first release since 2007’s “A Caress Of The Void” and their fifth monolith in their unparalleled repertoire (one in which every EVOKEN album is a milestone in the death/doom genre in its own right), “Atra Mors” is another new turning point for the band and an album which will be considered an essential pillar within the death/funeral/doom metal genre.

While still harboring the dirge-like monolith of EVOKEN’s signature sound of unrelenting and overbearing colossal heaviness and enveloping atmosphere of pure death, “Atra Mors” sees the band unearth their most diverse and dynamic offering to date. Diverse and dynamic as said terms to serve as a deterrent towards the band’s old-school/die-hard fan-base, especially considering “Atra Mors” encapsulates some of the heaviest, most-brutal, and darkest sounds the EVOKEN have ever unleashed, but more or less embraces what the band have culminated in their 20-year career by taking their sounds to new expansive and vast musical realms. By divulging in a stronger use of melody, while at the same time incorporating more old-school death metal moments to their sound and heightening the atmosphere even more through various forms of experimentation, “Atra Mors” will stand defiant and define itself as the band’s most accomplished album to date. It’s also the heaviest and most-enormous sounding doom metal album you’ll hear all year.

Tracklisting for “Atra Mors” goes as follows:

1. Atra Mors
2. Descent Into Chaotic Dream
3. A Tenebrous Vision
4. Grim Eloquence
5. An Extrinsic Divide
6. Requies Aeterna
7. The Unechoing Dread
8. Into Aphotic Devastation

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