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Rochester NY’s lords of raw old-school black metal mayhem CRUCIFIST have finally unleashed their long awaited debut “Demon Haunted World”.

Featuring bassist Danny Lilker (BRUTAL TRUTH etc.) and guitarist John Gallo (of US doom lords ORODRUIN), Crucifist’s debut album was a long time coming until finally, after several opportunities fell through for the band, Profound Lore came in to help the band finally get this album of theirs out, after we pretty much salivated after hearing the material that inevitably would grace this head/fist banging feast.

A sinister mix of old school blackness that reference such elite acts as CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER, VENOM, BATHORY, AUTOPSY along with a slight NWOBHM feel that can’t help but bleed from John Gallo’s awesome guitar riffs (especially seeing that Gallo is one of the great guitarists of doom metal today).

Along with such acts as Aura Noir, Nifelheim, Midnight, and Villains, Crucifist are one of the very few bands today that can deliver such a vibe that brings that ancient spirit back from such glory days. A definite rarity these days especially considering all these other bigger and newer bands getting praised for bringing back or “reviving” that elusive era of years past, bands like Crucifist will pretty much serve as the fist in the face to all these other bands.

Tracklisting for “Demon Haunted World” goes as follows:

1. Pursuit Of The Pious
2. Putrid Mother Lode
3. Skull Smashing Face Ripping Death
4. Honor
5. Curse Of The Plasma Hound
6. Tumefaction
7. Neon Corpse
8. Demon Haunted World
9. Witchgrip
10. Angel Of Death
11. Anus Mundi

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