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The perverse, depraved, and destructive debut from Indianapolis Indiana’s COFFINWORM has now been unleashed.

Following their acclaimed “Great Bringer Of Night” demo, which was one of the most hailed demos of last year, and most recently following the destruction and debauchery they left in the wake of this year’s SXSW (where COFFINWORM caused quite a scenario), “When All Became None” is a blasphemous testament to the downfall of humanity. A diabolical offering where demented amplifier worship sludge doom and black metal form an unholy alliance to offer an album which literally sounds like death, doom, and destruction, and is inspired by imminent death, poser disposal, and the destruction of Christ.

Summoned by Sanford Parker at Semaphore Studios, “When All Became None” is a sonic ritual to invert 2000 years of Christian teaching in a 45-minute span.

Tracklisting for “When All Became None” goes as follows:

1. Blood Born Doom
2. Start Saving For Your Funeral
3. Strip Nude For Your Killer
4. Spitting In Infinity’s Asshole
5. High On The Reek Of Your Burning Remains
6. The Sadistic Rites Of Count Tabernacula

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