"All of my lovers past and future present themselves naked in that muck pulsating like eggs."

One of the most recent and intriguing enigma’s to arise within the Bay Area underground music scene, the somewhat-elusive four-piece can be best described as a band who combine influences that range from minimalist-outsider black metal, punk, and early ’90s indie art rock reminiscent of the aura of such bands as Slint (the Slint influence much more prominent with this album). With their third album, BOSSE-DE-NAGE deliver their most intricate (on a musical and especially lyrical level), intense, and murderous album to date.

Tracklisting for “III” goes as follows:

1. The Arborist
2. Desuetude
3. Perceive There A Silence
4. Cells
5. The God Ennui
6. An Ideal Ledge

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