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Taking the band’s sonic paradigm further within the depths, “Summon” is a atmospheric plunge within the realms of doom metal horror.

This nightmare that Bloody Panda have conceived is presented with seven dirge-like hymns that portray the New York doom contingent as one of doom metal’s most distinct and intimidating outfits. Fronted by Japanese siren Yoshiko Ohara (who also provided the very intriguing and bizarre artwork that graces the canvas of the new album, and of course her striking lyrics mirror this), where her unearthly laments, wails, and screams brings forth a power that no other female vocalist in all of metal has conceived. Almost as if “Plague Mass” was translated into a doom metal album, along with Ohara’s overbearing vocals, “Summon” also carries a pedigree where ultra down-tuned reverberations and monolithic chords merge with deep organ passages and a funeral-esque drum procession that solidifies the ritualistic power that “Summon” possesses.

The second disc that accompanies “Summon” is a DVD of the 20-plus minute visual interpretation/short film of the track “Miserere”. A film made by band members Bryan Camphire, Blake McDowell, and Josh Rothernberger, filmed in various locations in Brooklyn and Indonesia (most notably the Jaliluhur Dam), “Miserere” is an abstract, haunting, and disturbing visual that features Butoh dancer Yuko Kaseki. An intriguing and intimidating viewing experience to say the least.

Tracklisting for “Summon” goes as follows:

1. Gold
2. Pusher
3. Saccades I
4. Saccades II
5. Miserere
6. Grey
7. Hashira

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