BLOOD REVOLT – Indoctrine

In what will be presented as one of the most confrontational, intimidating, and unique extreme metal albums to be released this year, “Indoctrine”, which consists of the triumvirate of PRIMORDIAL vocalist A. A. Nemtheanga, drummer J. Read (REVENGE, CONQUEROR, AXIS OF ADVANCE), and guitarist C. Ross (AXIS OF ADVANCE, REVENGE) have delivered an intense and challenging audial manifestation about one man’s descent into madness, untimely vengeance, and inevitably finding salvation through martyrdom.

Musically, “Indoctrine” incorporates the trio’s experiences throughout the underground and the culmination of the 30 or so combined releases Nemtheanga, J. Read, and C. Ross have claimed their names to. Those familiar with Nemtheanga’s soaring vocal approach with PRIMORDIAL, J. Read’s pummeling chaos with REVENGE/CONQUEROR, and most notably C. Ross’ tactical music manipulation with AXIS OF ADVANCE, should find common ground with “Indoctrine”. But most importantly, “Indoctrine” presents a platform where each member of BLOOD REVOLT can present new ground with their repertoire. What some are claiming as the next continuation of where AXIS OF ADVANCE left off and ended with their final release (the “Purify” EP), the primal, raw, stripped down, and ultimately ferocious character of “Indoctrine” is unlike anything being released today in extreme metal. Where the chaotic nature of the music, which was captured without the use of any kind of studio manipulation whatsoever, clashes with the mighty vocal attack of Nemtheanga, that sense of unease will tend to surface with these two conflicting musical forces in conspiracy with each other. Ultimately, such a combination becomes a daring undertaking unheard of in extreme metal.

Delving further within the concept of BLOOD REVOLT, vocalist A. A. Nemtheanga states, “In an age of compromise Blood Revolt is genuine rebellion. Pushing the boundaries of what is accepted in 'extreme' metal, Blood Revolt is metal with teeth, like it should be. Genuine violence and aggression mixed with the kind of very real and very dark subject matter that would make other bands heads spin. No cartoon imagery or fantastical pseudo religious hocus pocus, this is the sniper filing down the pin before picking off innocents, this is the suicide bombers sweaty greasy hand on the ignition, dead bodies piled in the politics of the mass grave. Unforgiving and unrelenting elitism…”

Like the lone wolf ready to attack, tracklisting for “Indoctrine” goes as follows:

1. Salvation At The Barrel Of A Gun
2. Dead City Stare
3. Bite The Hand, Purge The Flesh
4. God’s Executioner, Praise Be
5. My Name In Blood Across The Sky
6. Indoctrine
7. Year Zero
8. The Martyrs Brigade

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