ATAVIST/NADJA – II:Points At Infinity

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The second collaboration between the UK’s most devastating time-stretching sludge doom outfit (ATAVIST) and one of the most prolific and respected acts in experimental/ambient/drone music today (NADJA).

Again spanning two epic elongated tracks (around 22 minutes each), “Points At Infinity” goes much further substance and depth wise than the first experimentation these two acts converged in. Definitely taking this experiment between both acts to the next level, albeit creating something wholly new and different when compared to the debut, rather than just continue on from the first release, “Points At Infinity” takes the doom/drone/ambient experiment into new territory as both acts continue to push new sonic ground.

“Points At Infinity” also marks the first Atavist recording featuring the new Atavist line-up which consists of new vocalist Matt Bartley and ex-NARCOSIS bass player Oliver Turner. Of course Nadja is and always will be Aidan Baker and Leah Buckareff.

Tracklisting for “II:Points At Infinity” goes as follows:

1. [Projective Plane]
2. [Closed Curve]

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