Finally unleashed, the new anticipated album from the new gods of extreme time-stretching sludge-doom, “II:Ruined” which sees this monster from Manchester expand their sound into crushing new levels and depths to create what is undoubtedly the most memorable album of this resonance to be released this year.

Divided into chapters, but works best as one long song (kinda akin to Corrupted’s “El Mundo Frio”), “II:Ruined” is a massive plunge through crawling and pounding vibes of distorted madness, bass-heavy frequencies, methodically played drums, and utterly painful virulent vocals, all filtered through pure unbridled atmosphere and ambience. A sonic scenario where every negative emotion conceived manifests into beyond epic proportions.

Featuring guest appearances from CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX founder Justin Greaves (ex-ELECTRIC WIZARD/IRON MONKEY), and UK alternative singer Rose Kemp, “II:Ruined” will definitely appeal to those who worship at the altar of such bands as those that Justin Greaves was formerly of, alongside acts like KHANATE, SUNN 0))), and CORRUPTED (in which Atavist could possibly be the heirs to said throne, or maybe the UK’s answer to Corrupted!) respectively.

This North American edition comes in a gorgeously designed 8-panel digipack (designed by singer Toby Bradshaw himself) and contains an exclusive bonus track, namely the GREIF cover of “I Hate The Human Race” (which is quite fitting to say the least). Nonetheless, the tracklisting for “II:Ruined” goes as follows:

1. I (3:05)
2. II (15:19)
3. III (17:40)
4. IV (7:05)
5. V (16:52)
6. VI (7:23)
7. I Hate The Human Race (Grief cover exclusive to the North American version)

Also, if you look very closely within the layout, somewhere (we’ll leave it up to you to find it), you will see some Morse Code in which could lead to exclusive audio online! At the same time, you can hear an excerpt from the track ‘III’ in our MP3 section.

NOTE: This version is for North America, for those in the UK etc. will be able to purchase this work of art via Invada Records when they release it in the coming few weeks.

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