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“…But the life of spirit is not the life that is afraid of death and preserves itself from destruction, but that which endures death and conserves itself in it. Spirit only attains its truth when it finds itself in absolute laceration.” – GWFH

Third full-length LP from ASH BORER presents itself as the band’s most transcendent and powerful offering yet. Time-stretching enveloping vicious ambient otherworldly black metal this time produced by Randall Dunn, “The Irrepassable Gate” sees ASH BORER take their blueprint of virulent black metal artistry to a whole new plateau of invincibility.

Featuring artwork and design by Glyn Smyth of Stag & Serpent, “The Irrepassable Gate” track listing goes as follows:

1. The Irrepassable Gate
2. Lacerated Spirit
3. Lustration I
4. Grey Marrow
5. Rotten Firmament
6. Lustration II

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