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In what will go down as one of the most memorable doom metal albums of the year, “Last Sunrise” is a doom metal album driven by feelings of sorrow, despair, and pain.

In what comes across as a release that mixes the epic and soulful vibes of SOLITUDE AETURNUS and the flat-out pounding drive of THE OBSESSED, “Last Sunrise” takes the momentum from APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE’s previous album, the lauded “Sincerest Misery”, and brings it to new soaring levels of doom metal glory.

Formed by ex-GATES OF SLUMBER drummer Chuck Brown, who has taken the helm of vocals and guitars in APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE, and along with their fellow Indiana metal comrades in The Gates Of Slumber, APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE have slowly been gaining quite a bit of respect within the doom metal scene and already have been recognized as one of America’s premier doom metal bands. This reputation will only cement itself even more with the release of “Last Sunrise”.

A pilgrimage through nine tracks, where the militant opening of the title track sets the tone for the journey of the inevitably doomed lovers, as the build-up of the album strengthens with each succeeding track more and more, until the utterly moving earth shattering climax that is the song ‘Coldest Love’ (one of the mightiest doom metal songs you’ll hear all year, if we may add) brings the hammer down and draws this tale of tragedy to a close.

Tracklisting to the North American version of “Last Sunrise” (which features three bonus tracks recorded by Gates Of Slumber drummer Bob Fouts; covers of The Obsessed, The Misfits, and Born Against respectively) goes as follows (*denotes North American bonus tracks):

1. Last Sunrise (Requiem)
2. Acknowledging The Demon
3. Other Voices
4. Letting Go Of The Wheel
5. Hunter Sick Rapture
6. December Drives Me To Tears
7. Sister Cruel
8. Frontiers Of Pain
9. Coldest Love
10. Streetside*
11. Astro Zombies*
12. Mary And Child*

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