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Coinciding with the new AMBER ASYLUM album, we are offering an exclusive combo package where you can purchase "Bitter River" in conjunction with Amber Asylum's sister metal band SAROS and their "Acrid Plains" progressive wonder released via Profound Lore earlier this year.

Tracklisting for AMBER ASYLUM “Bitter River” goes as follows:

1. Twilight
2. Bitter River
3. Bounding Main
4. Winter Winds
5. Auger Of Thrall
6. Fear And Doubt In The Frozen Dawn
7. Thee Apothecary
8. Mountain Haze
9. Nocturne
10. Haze Reprise

Tracklisting for “Acrid Plains” goes as follows:

1. Acrid Plains
2. As The Tyrant Falls Ill
3. Coriolis
4. As The Tyrant Falls Ill (Reprise)
5. Devouring Conscience
6. Reversion
7. The Sky Will End Soon

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