AMBER ASYLUM – Still Point

After a month’s delay, we’re finally proud to unleash the Bay Area dream dealer’s most accomplished album within their illustrious career. Their first official full-length album in seven years…


“Still Point” is proof on why the neo-classical chamber music brigade are one of the most inspiring and respected acts within such sub-genres as neo-classical, chamber, gothic, and post-rock.

Along with “Still Point” being the most polarizing observation within the Amber Asylum repertoire, the journey that the listener will undertake in such a pilgrimage will be one where somber and lush cinematic orchestrations parallel with voices of darkly angelic wonder. Through an incredible dark mood-shifting sound journey, where the lines between despair and hope become blurred through an elegant cascading blanket of dense rich comforting fog, “Still Point” is an unforgettable jaunt that will offer that haunting embrace that we cannot help but simply welcome.

Tracklisting for “Still Point” goes as follows:

1. In The Still Point He Remains
2. Black Phoebe
3. The Summation
4. Outer Dark
5. Loss Is The Sword
6. The Great Valerio
7. Garden Of Love
8. Diminishing Returns
9. North
10. 12 Months

Amber Asylum on “Still Point” are: Kris Force, Jackie Perez-Gratz, Lorraine Rath, and Sarah Schaffer.

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