"I was young, and you promised that we would live forever..."

In what is ALTAR OF PLAGUES’ most visceral and darkest musical offering to date, “Mammal” is an unforgiving bleak journey which makes us confront and explore what really lies behind the inevitable conclusion of our state of mortality and piercing into the unraveling and coming-undone of this mortal coil.

Captured in four lengthy tracks, “Mammal” is a gut-wrenching musical epich that sees ALTAR OF PLAGUES deliver what is undoubtedly the masterwork of their repertoire, taking their influence of black metal, ambient, post-metal, and experimental music that much further down the endless depths unknown.

Featuring artwork by Timo Ketola (exclusive to the Profound Lore version of “Mammal”) and packaged in a six panel wallet digipack with a protective CD sleeve, tracklisting for “Mammal” goes as follows:

1. Neptune Is Dead (18:44)
2. Feather and Bone (11:42)
3. When The Sun Drowns In The Ocean (8:18)
4. All Life Converges To Some Center (13:15)

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