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“Crowning the earth in blackened flame…”

The literal follow-up full-length album to the band’s cult “Dwellers Within The Twilight” debut, and the follow-up to last year’s “Buried Beneath Aeons” EP, “Embracing The Lightless Depths” is the height of ALDEBARAN’s musical oeuvre, easily the heaviest and most searing work they’ve delivered. It is the most powerful monument in their repertoire that will seal ALDEBARAN’s fate as one of the mightiest and most important death/doom metal bands today. Emerging from their beginnings which leaned more towards a sludgier and more vitriolic breed of volatile doom, “Embracing The Lightless Depths” is the result of a threatening culmination that the Portland, Oregon cult have been building towards. One that has revealed itself as a monstrosity of apocalyptic proportions.

Recorded by legendary producer Billy Anderson, tracklisting for “Embracing The Lightless Depths” goes as follows:

1. Occultation Of Hali’s Gates
2. Forever In The Dream Of Death
3. Occultation Of Ocular Tauri
4. Sentinel Of A Sunless Abyss
5. Occultation Of Dim Carcosa

An excerpt of ‘Forever In The Dream Of Death’ can be heard here:

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