A STORM OF LIGHT – As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade

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"We remember now, we are the fearful destroyers..."

Formed by accomplished musician/artist Josh Graham (also a member of NEUROSIS and formerly of such acclaimed acts as BATTLE OF MICE and RED SPAROWES), A STORM OF LIGHT (in which their previous preceding albums were released by Neurosis home-base Neurot Recordings) have developed into quite the unique contingent in their fairly short career span.

By initially combining elements of sludge and doom metal, post metal, and epic ambient soundscape experimental music, with their third album, “As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us, Our Silver Memories Fade”, A STORM OF LIGHT have developed even further into a much more potent and cohesive unit with what ultimately is easily their strongest release to date.

By embracing musical templates more associated with traditional metal (i.e. mid-era Metallica) and traditional rock (i.e. AC/DC, QOTSA), while still maintaining the band’s forward thinking progressive vibe, “As The Valley Of Death Becomes Us…” presents a more song-oriented A STORM OF LIGHT while at the same time, a band that has incorporated a heavier, harder-hitting, and ultimately darker and more crushing vibe to their music. Out of all of his musical and artistic endeavors Graham has been involved in the new A STORM OF LIGHT album will stand as one of his most prominent accomplishments.

Featuring a guest appearance by SOUNDGARDEN lead guitarist Kim Thayil, along with featuring guest-appearances by Jarboe (ex-SWANS), Kris Force (AMBER ASYLUM), Nerissa Campbell, and members of SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM, BOOK OF KNOTS, and U.S. CHRISTMAS, “As The Valley Of Death…” is packaged in a gorgeously designed thick 8-panel wallet digipack (one of Graham’s best designs ever) with a protective CD sleeve. Tracklisting for “As The Valley Of Death…” goes as follows:

1. Missing (feat. Kim Thayil)
2. Collapse (feat. Jarboe)
3. Black Wolves (feat. Kim Thayil and Nerissa Campbell)
4. Destroyer
5. Wretched Valley
6. Silver
7. Leave No Wounds
8. Death’s Head
9. Wasteland (feat. Jarboe and Kris Force)

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