PORTAL – Complete Work On New Album

Australian surrealist death metal terror unit PORTAL have completed work on their anticipated fourth full-length album entitled “Vexovoid”, the four year follow-up to their “Swarth” predecessor.

Taking their sound of singular death metal psychosis by creating their darkest and most-dense sounding album to date, “Vexovoid” carries the tradition PORTAL have laid upon since their inception 18 years ago.  Through the band’s strange, unsettling, avant-garde, and polarizing take on death metal (on a musical, lyrical, visual, and aesthetical level), throughout the years PORTAL have shape-shifted and inverted the genre into multiple realms of dementia.  “Vexovoid”, as expected, is another dreadful and frightening observation of unorthodox death metal terror unparalleled.

To be officially released on Feb 19th (LP version to be released not too long after the CD version) and featuring artwork by Reverend Kriss Hades, tracklisting for “Vexovoid” goes as follows:

1. Kilter
2. The Back Wards
3. Curtain
4. Plasm
5. Awryeon
6. Orbmorphia
7. Oblotten


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