PISSGRAVE – Complete Work On Debut Album

Philadelphia, PA death metal band PISSGRAVE have completed work on their debut album “Suicide Euphoria”.

Following their infamous self-titled sold out demo which was released solely on cassette format via Graceless Recordings, PISSGRAVE’s unique style of raw violent buzzing death metal created a decent amount of awareness for the band, that alongside the band making an impression with their crushing live show (especially during their last U.S. mini-tour with DEAD CONGREGATION last fall) displaying their singular death metal vision.

With “Suicide Euphoria”, PISSGRAVE have created a swarming, skillfully played, yet primitive brutal death metal opus of pure darkness and depravity that sonically embraces audial psychosis. Unrelenting through the filth and just an overall mentally and morally impaired punishing death metal LP unlike anything you’ll hear this year.

Produced by Arthur Rizk (Prurient, Power Trip, Inquisition), tracklisting to “Suicide Euphoria” goes as follows:

01. Perpetual War
02. Impaled Vibration
03. Pain Enchantment
04. Fields Of Scattered Bones
05. Prevail In Hell
06. Suicide Euphoria
07. The Second Sorrowful Mystery
08. Mass Cremation
09. Blood Fog

“Suicide Euphoria” will see its release on CD/Digital Aug 4th and hopefully not too long after on LP format.


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