PALLBEARER – Complete Work On “Sorrow And Extinction”

Little Rock, Arkansas doom metal disciples PALLBEARER have completed work on their debut album “Sorrow And Extinction”, namely one that has already been hailed as one of the most anticipated doom metal releases of 2012.

Following their highly praised self-titled demo (in which its limited cassette version was sold out almost instantly) said demo would instantly help PALLBEARER solidify a reputation as the most promising prospect within doom metal, and already solidifying a reputation as one of the most prominent present day American doom metal bands.  With the band’s style of epic traditional doom treading the fine line of colossal amplifier worship heaviness and introspective searing melodicism (in which a lot of said element is due to vocalist Brett Campbell’s enigmatic and memorable distinct vocals), “Sorrow And Extinction” culls from a sound picture that also references ‘70s prog and the old-school Peaceville doom era (i.e. early Paradise Lost and Anathema respectively), all while upholding the tradition of ‘80s classic doom (i.e. Candlemass and Trouble).

To be officially released Feb 21, 2012, tracklisting for “Sorrow And Extinction” goes as follows:

1.    Foreigner
2.    Devoid Of Redemption
3.    The Legend
4.    An Offering Of Grief
5.    Given To The Grave


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