PORTAL Announce New Album “ION”, New Track Posted/Pre-Orders Now Available


1. Nth 2. ESP ION AGE 3. Husk 4. Phreqs 5. Crone 6. Revault Of Volts 7. Spores 8. Phathom 9. Olde Guarde

Pre-order ION on CD/LP/Digital HERE (Canadian customers through our webstore closer to release date).

Artwork and design by Zbigniew M. Beliak.  Visit his page HERE.

BLACK MECHA “Counterforce”

The new BLACK MECHA album “Counterforce” is now complete and will be released on very limited 2xLP and digital on Jan 12, taking the BLACK MECHA sound further into the realm of outer-sound, sci-fi inspired analog lo-fi electronic weirdness piloted by Fortress Crookedjaw (WOLD).

BLACK MECHA statement below:

“Internal Masonry announces “Counterforce” the crowning new release of mentation electronics, from BLACK MECHA.

“Counterforce” provides raw beats and hooks, alongside reflexive black laser rays, cumulating in a type of sci-fi themed conceptual rhythm music for your mind/body; (one in the same).

The “Counterforce” visual art, adorned on the front and back…

CRUCIAMENTUM “Paradise Envenomed” EP Out Now

The new CRUCIAMENTUM 7″ EP “Paradise Envenomed” is now available to order.  Available to US/RoW customers HERE, EU customers HERE and a handful through our website for Canadian customers.  It features two tracks recorded and mixed at Priory Studios; a devastating new track of the same name and an Absu cover of the track “Descent To Acheron”.  This is the first recording featuring the new CRUCIAMENTUM line-up.  The 7″ is a one time pressing limited to 500 units with several different colour options.  It comes with a designed insert and a download card as…

BELL WITCH “Mirror Reaper” Out Now

The new BELL WITCH album “Mirror Reaper” is now officially released. The single track 83-minute monument of doom from the Seattle death/doom metal duo will position itself as a defining moment in the doom metal scene unparalleled. “Mirror Reaper” is now available on 2xCD/2xLP in respectable record stores (vinyl via mailorder currently available at Amazon) and available to order/stream digitally via iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music etc.  The band will be touring this fall with Primitive Man and MONARCH!  All dates listed in the Tour Dates section.

PRURIENT Announces New Release “Rainbow Mirror” Alongside the Limited Cassette Release “Buddha Strangled In Vines (1997) ” To Coincide With 20th Anniversary

“Rainbow Mirror”, the latest work from renowned noise-music artist PRURIENT, is a release exceeding three hours in length, consisting of new PRURIENT material that delves into the more glacial, meditative, and ambient side of Dominick Fernow’s cult within the realm of noise music creating an epic of pure ‘Doom Electronics’.

“Rainbow Mirror”, which will coincide with the 20 year anniversary of PRURIENT, is a project that is steeped in history and origins, and will be released as a 4xCD and digital through Profound Lore on Dec 1st, with the 7xLP vinyl edition to be released on Hospital Productions.…

NECRO DEATHMORT “Overland” Out Now

The captivating new NECRO DEATHMORT album “Overland” is now out and available to order on CD/LP/Digital.  Limited vinyl edition available to order HERE for US/RoW customers and HERE for EU/RoW customers (and through our website for Canadian customers).  CD can be ordered directly through our website and Bandcamp.  “Overland” can also be streamed via Spotify, Apple Music and whatever else streaming service is out there.

VACIVUS “Temple Of The Abyss” / MONARCH! “Never Forever” Out Now

The new albums by UK’s most promising new death metal band VACIVUS and France’s most notable and prolific extreme doom metal band MONARCH! are now released.  Both albums now available on CD and LP through all our usual channels (Merchtable, EU store, our webstore) and are now both live via Bandcamp. “Temple Of The Abyss” and “Never Forever” can also be streamed through the usual streaming services (Spotify, Apple Music, etc).  VACIVUS create brutal dark death metal sophistication while MONARCH! create harsh, enchanting extreme crawling melancholic doom, “Never Forever” their best album yet.

SANNHET “So Numb” Out Now, Tour Dates Announced

The new SANNHET stunner “So Numb” is officially released today and available to order and purchase on CD/Vinyl/Digital through all various outlets (CD now available through our webstore as well as the LP for Canadian customers, and we also have a very limited “So Numb” t-shirt available to order in our Apparel section). “So Numb” can also be streamed via Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and all other streaming outlets.  The band have also announced a string of US tour dates with This Will Destroy You this Nov, dates are as follows.

BELL WITCH Complete Work On New Album “Mirror Reaper”, Pre-Orders Now Available, Tour Dates Announced

Seattle doom metal duo BELL WITCH have completed work on their third full-length album “Mirror Reaper” set for release on 2xCD/2xLP/Digital on Oct 20th. Pre-orders for “Mirror Reaper” are now available and can be accessed through the BELL WITCH pre-order page HERE.  With, “Mirror Reaper,” BELL WITCH have created a truly enormous work – one continuous 83-minute piece unfolding as a single track.  Following the album’s release the band have also announced fall US tour dates with Primitive Man.  Dates can be found within this post.

Engineered and mixed by veteran producer Billy Anderson (Swans, Red…

NECRO DEATHMORT Complete Work On New Album “Overland”

UK electronic-based duo NECRO DEATHMORT have completed work on their new album “Overland” set to be released on CD/LP/Digital on Oct 6.

Progressing from last year’s “The Capsule”, “Overland” presents itself as a different observation, more dynamic and layered than its predecessor.

Formed in London 2007 by Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson, the duo that comprise NECRO DEATHMORT create a intriguing and alluring blend of electronic-based music seamlessly intertwining dark ambience, noise, synth-driven beats, cinematic soundscapes, and heavy drones. “Overland” expands their sonic palette introducing further acoustic instrumentation and exploring new territory. The duo have amassed and already impressive…


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