LEVIATHAN – Completes Work On New Album

Notorious U.S. black metal entity LEVIATHAN has completed work on its new full-length album “Scar Sighted”.

Continuing in the sound following the “Massive Conspiracy Against All Life” opus, “Scar Sighted” is comprised of ten tracks which hark back to moments encompassing the entire LEVIATHAN repertoire, while creating a demented, epic, and devastating new vision of pure black metal psychosis.

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Billy Anderson in conspiracy with LEVIATHAN sole mastermind Wrest, “Scar Sighted” will be packaged as a boxed CD edition (the only version of the CD this will be available as) which will come with eleven two-sided…

WOLVHAMMER – Tour Dates With 1349/Origin/Abysmal Dawn Announced

WOLVHAMMER will be hitting the road on a packaged U.S. tour this Feb alongside 1349, Origin, and Abysmal Dawn.  The dates are as follows.


OLD MAN GLOOM – West Coast Tour Announced

OLD MAN GLOOM, the biggest phenomenon to make an impact on the heavy music scene in the final remnants of 2014, have announced a West Coast tour in support of their new albums “The Ape Of God”.  Dates are below, and yes these are real dates and not fake ones.  Also the band are set to play Psycho California Fest in May likewise.  That will be an epic event of course.


02/26 – Vancouver, BC @ Electric Owl 02/27 – Seattle, WA @ Crocodile 02/28 – Portland, OR @ Doug Fir 03/02 – Chico, CA @ Café…

SUMAC – Complete Work On Debut Album

SUMAC, the new band formed by Aaron Turner (ISIS/OLD MAN GLOOM/MAMIFFER) and drummer Nick Yacyshyn (BAPTISTS), and also featuring bassist Brian Cook (RUSSIAN CIRCLES/BOTCH/THESE ARMS ARE SNAKES), have completed work on their debut album “The Deal”.

Formed with the yearning for Aaron Turner to once again create massive, raw, heavy and brutal music while working with a new versatile drummer to bring more of a unique and progressive edge to the ideas he had, the sound SUMAC have manifested does tread familiar territory found in Turner’s previous work while creating a forward-thinking sonic monolith reminiscent of the sound found in…

LORD MANTIS – Possession Prayer

YouTube decided to unceremoniously ban the video, surprised it took them this long admittedly, but we’ve uploaded it onto Vimeo.

LORD MANTIS – Possession Prayer (Official Video) from Profound Lore Records on Vimeo.

FULL OF HELL – “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” Now Available

The new FULL OF HELL album “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” 2xCD is now available to order directly from our website and ready to ship as per our usual shipping schedule.  All pre-orders placed previous for this devastating opus have now been shipped out (consider this your shipping confirmation) in the hopes orders will arrive to their respective destinations asap.  The bonus “Sister Fawn” disc is exclusive to the CD version only.

OLD MAN GLOOM – “The Ape Of God” Now Available To Order

The new OLD MAN GLOOM albums “The Ape Of God” are now available to order in their CD formats (vinyl via SIGE Records).  Yes, the monkey is out of the cage with “The Ape Of God” actually being two new OLD MAN GLOOM albums with the same album title but each a different album with their own tracklisting.  In our store, they are differentiated by the albums part numbers (PFL 145 and PFL 145.5).  They are to be treated as two separate albums in a way where one doesn’t have to be listened to before the other.


DAWNBRINGER – “Night Of The Hammer” Now Available To Order

The new DAWNBRINGER album “Night Of The Hammer” is now available to order directly from our website prior to its Oct 28th official release date (vinyl edition sometime soon via High Roller).  With “Night Of The Hammer” mastermind Chris Black continues in true heavy metal glory while at the same time creating the strangest (almost in the vein of “In Sickness And In Dreams” kind of strangeness) and darkest DAWNBRINGER album to date.  Of course heavy metal continues to be the law nonetheless.

FULL OF HELL – “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” Pre-Orders

The 2xCD and digital versions of the new FULL OF HELL album “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” are now up for pre-order prior to its Nov 25th official release date.  Go to the FULL OF HELL pre-order page HERE to order the devastating new album.  The “Sister Fawn” bonus disc with more MERZBOW noise is only exclusive to the CD version.  Digital pre-orders come with immediate downloads of “Gordian Knot” and “Blue Litmus” respectively.  We also have some limited FOH/MERZBOW t-shirts in our Apparel section available now.  The limited Full Of Hell noise tape comp is now sold out.

OLD MAN GLOOM – Here Is A Gift For You