New Items In Stock (COFFINWORM T-shirt, new Deceased album)

Got a few new killer items in stock, a limited amount of the new killer COFFINWORM Bones t-shirt (we just got a small amount in of these) and the vicious and assaulting new album from one of our favourite underground metal bands of all time, Deceased.

COFFINWORM – Bones T-shirt

On Fruit Of The Loom heavyweight cotton, this new COFFINWORM t-shirt is exclusively designed by Brian Van Der Pol who has done work for bands like Coffins, World Burns To Death, Midnight etc.


DECEASED – Surreal Overdose

The long-awaited album from these underground metal legends, and one of our favourite bands ever, sees King Fowley (who is back on the drums for this release!) and co. deliver their thrashiest and most vicious album since “The Blueprints For Madness”.  Since it’s Deceased of course it’s gonna be one of the best and most underrated metal albums of the year.  This is the kind of band who will lay waste and wipe the floor with pretty much 95% of so-called trendy revivalist and pseudo-thrash retro-wannabee metal bands today. This is the real deal!



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