BLISS SIGNAL is the new electronic metal band featuring James Kelly (WIFE/ALTAR OF PLAGUES) and UK DJ/Producer Mumdance. Listen to their new EP “Drift” via Bandcamp below. You can also listen to the “Drift” EP, a precursor to their upcoming debut LP out this fall which will be a co-release with True Panther Sounds, on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

BLISS SIGNAL strips down extreme metal’s mechanical repetitive elements to their essence, refined to a sharp, singular and powerful metallic core, swathed in expansive synths and ethereal textures. Blast beats are simulated by electronic drum machines while euphoric synths wash over a heavily distorted shredding guitar.

The result is a metal hybrid which is intense and propulsive, with an ecstatic, occasionally ambient quality. The expansive sound fabric of BLISS SIGNAL is one ultimately reflective of the project’s conjured moniker. A shining beacon drawing you to oblivion.


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