ARTIFICIAL BRAIN – Complete Work On Debut Album

New York based Sci-Fi death metal band ARTIFICIAL BRAIN have completed work on their debut album “Labyrinth Constellation”.

Featuring Revocation guitarist Dan Gargiulo and ex-Biolich (which once featured CASTEVET vocalist/guitarist Andrew Hock) vocalist Will Smith, ARTIFICIAL BRAIN deliver a devastating offering of atmospheric, dark, twisted and dissonant ambient death metal horror which harbours a heavy Sci-Fi aura surrounding its aesthetic.  “Labyrinth Constellation” is the band’s debut album, after a series of demos which made their rounds within the death metal underground, and an album that will make quite the impression within the U.S. death metal scene.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Colin Marston (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Krallice) in the Thousand Caves and with a glorious cover painted courtesy of the master Paolo Girardi, providing us with one of his finest works yet, “Labyrinth Constellation” is set to be released on Feb 18 with said following tracklisting:

1. Brain Transplant
2. Absorbing Black Ignition
3. Wired Opposites
4. Worm Harvester
5. Frozen Planets
6. Orbital Gait
7. Bastard Planet
8. Labyrinth Constellation
9. Hormone’s Echo
10. Moon Funeral



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