A.M.S.G. – To Release Debut Full-Length Through Profound Lore

We are proud to announce that the latest addition to the Profound Lore collective comes in the form of Canadian black metal terrorist unit A.M.S.G.  Masterminded by the notorious Angelfukk Witchhammer (of Ouroboros, Rites Of Thy Degringolade, Gloria Diaboli fame), A.M.S.G. play threatening uncompromising black metal in the ancient vein that conjures the glorious vibe portrayed by the classic old school cult days of such luminaries as Necromantia, Mortuary Drape, Rotting Christ, Samael, and Varathron, while portraying a vibe reminiscent of the more singular present-day black metal cult bands such as Negative Plane, Avichi, and Weapon.

Angelfukk Witchhammer had this to say about the conspiracy: “I am honoured to say that Profound Lore will release the full length follow-up to our “The Principle Of Evil Becomes The Ideal Of The Promethean” EP. This work of sonic terrorism art will be titled “Anti-Cosmic Tyranny” and in the vein of the EP, shall hail and push forth the awakened era of Esoteric Luciferion Draconis Supremacy.  True Black Metal is a CRIME against humanity. WE WILL NEVER STOP….”

A.M.S.G. will enter the studio early 2013 to lay down their “Anti-Cosmic Tyranny” debut full-length.  Look for a spring 2013 release date.  You have been warned.


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