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SOFT KILL Complete Work On New Album “Savior”, U.S. Tour Begins Today

Portland Oregon’s SOFT KILL have set May 11th as the release date for their new LP “Savior” which will see the band bringing their unique blend of gloom, laced with pop charm and flawless song writing.  “Savior” follows the band’s 2016 LP “Choke” which saw the band on a constant touring cycle in support of it through North America and Europe with demand for the band being on a constant upswing.

The writing for “Savior” was sparked while returning from tour, frontman Tobias Grave’s wife began to bleed out in the van, at eight months pregnant they were in…

INSECT ARK “Marrow Hymns” Out Now

The new INSECT ARK album “Marrow Hymns” is out now.  With “Marrow Hymns” the duo that comprise INSECT ARK (Dana Schechter and Ashley Spungin) have created a stunning soundscape of sonic fragile beauty and cinematic, hypnotic crushing doom.  “Marrow Hymns” is now available to order on CD/LP through our webstore directly, Merchtable, and can be streamed via Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.

OF FEATHER AND BONE “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion” Pre-Orders Available

Pre-orders are now available for the new OF FEATHER AND BONE album “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion” (out March 23) on CD/LP/Digital through our various outlets.  CD/LP pre-orders via Merchtable HERE.  CD/Digital pre-orders via Bandcamp HERE.  CD/LP pre-orders via our EU store HERE.  Digital pre-orders via iTunes HERE.  The LP version will also have a slightly different cover (pictured) than the CD/Digital version, giving each format their own exclusive cover both of course painted by Khaos Diktator.

OLD TOWER “Stellary Wisdom” Out Now

The new OLD TOWER album “Stellary Wisdom” is now released (on CD/Digital formats, vinyl and cassette later via Tour De Garde and The Shadow Kingdom) and can now be streamed via Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music.  Otherworldly meditative dungeon synth that will transport you to a long forgotten age of memories past.  This is a journey where visions of mystical desolate landscapes, majestic ancient ruins, deep dark decrepit dungeons, murky chambers, and ghostly moonlit forests reign supreme.  Meditative spells dedicated to the eternal dark war.


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