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The new PORTAL album “ION” is officially released today and you can now listen to the most disturbing, unnerving, and scariest metal album of the year through the usual outlets; Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes etc.  along with ordering it on LP/CD/Digital through all our usual outlets respectively (Merchtable, Bandcamp, our webstore directly etc).  Exclusive PORTAL “ION” longsleeve design also available to order HERE.  Probably the most unique, unrelenting and mold breaking PORTAL album yet through the virulent electrical discharges “ION” emanates coming across like the great grandmother of “Seepia”.

OF FEATHER AND BONE Announce New Album “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion”

Denver, Colorado death metal band OF FEATHER AND BONE have completed work on their unrelenting new album “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion” that will see release on CD/LP/Digital on March 23. Check out a devastating new track called “Lust For Torment” below.

With “Bestial Hymns Of Perversion” OF FEATHER AND BONE spread their virulent strain of cryptic death metal, a relentless death assault that serves as the soundtrack to mankind’s fall. Bassist/vocalist A.S. and guitarist/vocalist D.G. herald the endtimes with a dual guttural onslaught atop an everflowing stream of grime-caked riffs and drummer P.W.’s whirlwind of blasts and d-beats.

After garnering…

BLACK MECHA “Counterforce”

The new BLACK MECHA album “Counterforce” is now out can now be streamed/ordered digitally via Bandcamp, Spotify, and Apple Music/iTunes.  The limited 2xLP (only 250 units pressed) can also be pre-ordered (late Jan shipping when stock arrives) via Merchtable HERE and Boomkat HERE for UK/EU customers.  Copies will be available through our EU store and our webstore (for Canadian customers) when stock arrives as well.  Outsider lo-fi/sci-fi inspired electronic music of a very strange nature piloted by Fortress Crookedjaw of WOLD created solely through analog methods without the use of any computers or digital means.


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