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ASH BORER “The Irrepassable Gate” 2xLP


Listen HERE

LOSS Complete Work On New Album “Horizonless”

Six doomed years in creation since their debut LP “Despond”, Nashville, Tennessee melancholic death/funeral doom metal band LOSS have completed work on their new LP “Horizonless”, one of the most anticipated death/doom metal releases of the year set for release on May 19th on CD/2xLP/Digital.

Traveling further into the void and beyond the realms of hopelessness and despondency “Horizonless” is a journey destitute of all hope and redemption, one where heartbreak, total death and never ending despair triumphs.

Produced and engineered by Billy Anderson in the band’s hometown of Music City itself, resulting in LOSS’ most majestic sounding work to…


CRUCIAMENTUM rehearsing a new track.  Click here: IMG_6958



Portrait of FULL OF HELL vocalist Dylan Walker by Reid Haithcock.


Listen to VACIVUS.  The band will enter Priory Studios in April to record their new album for Profound Lore.

PALLBEARER “Heartless” T-Shirt

Mock-up of limited “Heartless” t-shirt to be released around the release of the LP.

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN “Infrared Horizon”

Full art landscape for “Infrared Horizon” painted by Adam Burke.

DISMA “The Graveless Remains” 12″EP Pre-Orders Now Available

The new DISMA “The Graveless Remains” 12”EP is now available for pre-order via Merchtable HERE (US/RoW customers) and for our EU/UK/RoW customers via our EU store HERE (we’ll have copies, of all colours, directly through our website for Canadian customers specifically around late-March). Two new massive gargantuan tracks of abhorred old school death metal doom unparalleled.

The two tracks that comprise the 14-minute “The Graveless Remains” EP (the title track and the song “Sempiternal Deformity”) sees DISMA unleashing new material for the first time in five years as they continue to write the follow-up to the monolithic “Towards The Megalith”…

FULL OF HELL Complete Work On New Album “Trumpeting Ecstasy”

Maryland/Pennsylvania experimental death-noise band FULL OF HELL have completed work on their devastating new album “Trumpeting Ecstasy” which will be released May 05 on CD/LP/Digital/CS. New music and pre-orders will drop sometime in the upcoming weeks.

FULL OF HELL have embarked on quite the journey leading up to the impending release of “Trumpeting Ecstasy”, an album which will see the band deliver their most punishing, virulent, and dynamic album to date.

With “Trumpeting Ecstasy”, FULL OF HELL build upon their progression since “Full Of Hell & Merzbow” and the releases succeeding it. This time the band decided to go into…


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