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ARTIFICIAL BRAIN Complete Work On New Album “Infrared Horizon”, Pre-Orders Available, New Track Posted

ARTIFICIAL BRAIN have completed work on their new album “Infrared Horizon”, targeted for release on April 21 on CD/LP/Digital. Pre-orders for “Infrared Horizon” can be obtained via the ARTIFICIAL BRAIN pre-order portal HERE (Canadian customers wanting to order the vinyl, we’ll have all colours for sale through our website closer to and/or around the release date).  Also check out a new song “Synthesized Instinct” below.

With their second full-length album “Infrared Horizon”, Long Island-based death metal band ARTIFICIAL BRAIN have created a sophomore release more advanced than their lauded debut album “Labyrinth Constellation”. By taking their brand of singular…

FUOCO FATUO “Backwater”

Italy’s funeral death doom enigma FUCO FATUO have completed work on their new album “Backwater” which is set to be released on April 7th on CD/2xLP/Digital.

“Backwater” is an enveloping and suffocating funeral death doom opus, the distressing awareness of the nothingness, transcending in the oblivion, and feeding on the black void. The relationship between state of mind and nature, the desolation and vast sense of distance are the main themes. An introspective, mournful journey, deeply rooted into the unknown. Like a flood of impenetrable black magma.

“Backwater” track listing:

  1. Sulphureous Hazes
  2. Rainfalls Of Debris
  3. Perpetual Apochaos
  4. Nemesis


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