Monthly Archives: April 2016

GRAVE MIASMA “Endless Pilgrimage” CD Now Available

The compact disc version of GRAVE MIASMA’s massive new mini-album “Endless Pilgrimage” is now available to order through our website (EU customers via the band’s EU label Sepulchral Voice) prior to its May 6th release date (vinyl edition sometime mid-late June). Five tracks culminating in a 35-minute journey of true death metal artistry like no other band in the scene today, “Endless Pilgrimage” sees the UK death metal entity create some of their darkest and most challenging material to date.

PSALM ZERO Complete New Album “Stranger To Violence”

New York art-metal unit PSALM ZERO have completed work on their new album “Stranger To Violence” which will be set for release this July.  With their sophomore LP, Psalm Zero takes the aesthetics, poetics, and spirit established with their 2014 debut, “The Drain”, and blows those elements up into an epic work of wide-screen drama.  After two years of anticipation built by the gradual episodic release of the Birthright Trilogy of video/cassette singles, as well as a series of personnel shifts, the Queens NY-based outfit led by songwriter/vocalist/producer Charlie Looker finally delivers the next installment of a wholly…

DÄLEK “Asphalt For Eden” Now Available

The new long-awaited album from rejuvenated cult experimental hip-hop troupe DÄLEK entitled “Asphalt For Eden”, their first since 2009’s “Gutter Tactics”, is now available to order directly from our website on Compact Disc and Vinyl (for Canadian customers) in its multiple coloured editions prior to its April 22nd release date. Those who placed pre-orders for the CD version should have seen their copies already ship. “Asphalt For Eden” is a monument in underground hip-hop noise and dark ambient, creating a new chapter in the DÄLEK legacy in which they forged their unique sound almost twenty years ago.


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