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GERYON Complete Work On New Album

NY-based avant-garde technical prog-death metal duo GERYON have completed work on their new album “The Wound And The Bow”.  GERYON is a two-man band comprised of one half of KRALLICE, namely bassist/vocalist Nicholas McMaster and drummer Lev Weinstein.  Solely through bass guitar, drums, and vocals, through this band the members conjure a singular vision through complex layers and meticulously crafted tones where dissonance and melody maintain that equilibrium though the band’s chaotic sound, taking from the blueprint through the duo’s experience in Krallice, as well as Astomatous, the Chicago-based death metal band McMaster and Weinstein had prior to…

COBALT Complete Work On “Slow Forever”, Album Trailer Posted

*UPDATE: album trailer posted.

Colorado-based progressive apocalyptic wasteland metal duo COBALT, consisting of multi-instrumentalist/mastermind Erik Wunder and new vocalist Charlie Fell (ex-LORD MANTIS) have completed work on their long-awaited and much anticipated new double album “Slow Forever”. Set for release on March 25 on double Compact Disc/2xLP/Digital, “Slow Forever” will see its release almost seven years after exact to the date when the band’s 2009 seminal “Gin” album was released.

“Slow Forever” sees COBALT present a new and different sonic monolith to behold while continuing the path laid down with their “Eater Of Birds” and “Gin” milestones. With more developed,…

COBALT – Slow Forever

Artwork and design by Jimmy Hubbard.


CHTHE’ILIST “Le Dernier Crepuscule” Compact Disc Now Available, Album Streaming

UPDATE: album streaming in full via Noisey HERE.

The compact disc version of the debut anticipated CHTHE’ILIST album “Le Dernier Crepuscule” is now available to order through our website and ship by week’s end (please note, there will be no shipping orders between Jan 10 – 22) well before its official Jan 29th release date. The first true death metal monument of the year will be one of death metal’s defining moments of 2016 in its morbid otherworldly labyrinth-like twisted atmospheric brutality.


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