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PISSGRAVE “Suicide Euphoria” Now Available

The CD version of the morally impaired debut full-length album from PISSGRAVE, called “Suicide Euphoria”, is now available to order and ready to ship before the early Aug release date. Vinyl edition is well into production but won’t be ready until late Nov because vinyl takes forever to manufacture these days.   For the digitally inclined, you can now order the digital edition at a discounted rate via iTunes HERE and/or via Bandcamp HERE.


The CD version of the new INDESINENCE album “III” is now available to order and ready to ship, several weeks prior to its official release date.  The new album from one of the most prominent (and vastly underrated/under appreciated) doom/death metal bands to come out of the UK in the last decade sees INDESINENCE deliver their most crushing and massive album to date.  Proof once again that there is no band in doom quite like them.

PISSGRAVE – Suicide Euphoria


CRUCIAMENTUM – Complete Work On New Album, New Track Available

Seminal UK death metal band CRUCIAMENTUM have completed work on their much-anticipated debut full-length album “Charnel Passages”.

Ever since the band’s inception in 2008, with their “Convocation Of Crawling Chaos” demo (considered one of the best demos in modern day death metal), their split 7” EP with Vasaeleth, and their “Engulfed In Desolation” EP defining their repertoire, CRUCIAMENTUM were already being recognized as one of the most prominent present day death metal bands. With only these select releases amongst their arsenal, CRUCIAMENTUM would already play notable metal festivals such as Maryland Deathfest, Chaos In Tejas, Martyrdoom, and Rites Of Darkness…


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