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ABYSSAL – Complete Work On New Album

Obscure UK ambient dark death metal band ABYSSAL have completed work on their new album entitled “Antikatastaseis”.

Even though “Antikatastaseis” is their third full-length, not much is really known about the band (no real promo photos, no promotion/interviews/press, no live shows etc.) aside from them being slightly recognized over the last little while as one of the more intriguing death metal entities currently coming out of the UK. With their previous two full-lengths “Denouement” and “Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius” merely put online without any warning or issue and available via CDR for anyone who actually requested physical copies…

BELL WITCH – “Four Phantoms” Now Available

The colossal and mournful new album from Seattle, WA death/funeral doom duo BELL WITCH is now available to order directly from our website in its CD format (vinyl in the works) and ready to ship prior to its official April 28th release date.  What will be realized as a funeral/death doom metal pillar, “Four Phantoms” is a milestone unearthed from this sacred genre, an emotional deathblow laid upon this age of lamentation and despair.

VANUM – Complete Work On Debut Album

VANUM, the new band formed by K. Morgan of ASH BORER and M. Rekevics of FELL VOICES/VORDE/VILKACIS, have completed work on their debut album “Realm Of Sacrifice”.

With their debut LP, VANUM sees Morgan and Rekevics create some of the best material either of them have ever produced amongst their respective musical repertoires and showcases the growth of each musician within the genre they’ve been recognized within. “Realm Of Sacrifice”, ultimately, is comprised of four powerful long-running tracks of vicious, and furious, yet melancholic and stirring raw black metal.

It is imperative to also note that VANUM is not a…

PALLBEARER “Watcher In The Dark” Music Video


The new BOSSE-DE-NAGE album ALL FOURS is now available to order (CD version) and ready to ship prior to its official April 14th release date (lol, like release dates are relevant these days).  Vinyl edition will come sometime down the line via our goth friend The Flenser.  The layout to the album (courtesy of Chimere Noire), while coming across as somewhat minimal (since its a regular jewel case), is actually one of the most insane layouts we’ve ever had on any release.  Peep it HERE.


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