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BELL WITCH and PRURIENT Pre-Orders Active

Pre-orders for the CD/Digital editions of the upcoming massive new releases by BELL WITCH and PRURIENT are now active (vinyl editions for each will eventually come sometime after the respective release dates).  The new BELL WITCH album “Four Phantoms” (April 28) can be pre-ordered HERE and via iTunes HERE.  The new PRURIENT double album “Frozen Niagara Falls” (May 12)can be pre-ordered HERE and via iTunes HERE.  Pre-orders will be shipping just before each album’s respective release dates.

PYRAMIDS – New Album Now Available To Order

The new PYRAMIDS full-length album “A Northern Meadow”, their first since 2008’s self-titled debut (Hydra Head Records), is now available to order and ready to ship according to our regular shipping schedule (CD version currently, vinyl edition still in production and once that’s ready we will make that available to order).  The band’s dreamiest and most stunning work to date, joining the PYRAMIDS core lineup for “A Northern Meadow” are Vindsval (Blut Aus Nord), Colin Marston (Gorguts, Dysrhythmia, Krallice), and William Fowler Collins.

PRURIENT “Frozen Niagara Falls” Album Announcement

Noise/experimental music vanguard PRURIENT have completed work on its highly anticipated new album “Frozen Niagara Falls”. In what will be presented as a double-album spanning 90-minutes of music, the follow-up to 2011’s paradigm shifting “Bermuda Drain” LP sees mastermind Dominick Fernow unleash his most uncompromising and massive album under the PRURIENT moniker.

For almost 20 years, with PRURIENT, Fernow has singlehandedly defined a genre of music and created a musical entity unlike any other that filters within the umbrella of experimental, noise, and ambient music respectively. Throughout a massive catalogue that consists of full-lengths, EPs, splits, singles, limited cassette runs…

BELL WITCH – Complete Work On New Album

Seattle death/funeral doom duo BELL WITCH have completed work on their colossal new album “Four Phantoms”.

A heavier, more crushing and moving album than their lauded debut album “Longing”, the sixty-four minute journey that is “Four Phantoms” (featuring artwork by the mighty Paolo Girardi) sees BELL WITCH (comprised solely of bass guitars/massive pedal setup, drums, and vocals) take their brand of monolithic doom by simply creating what will be recognized as one of the most massive doom metal albums of the year. By working with producer engineer Billy Anderson for their sophomore full-length, this alone has allowed BELL WITCH to…


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